Pony Club Rules and Regulations

All Pony Club activities are governed by an extensive set of rules and regulations laid down by the Pony Club Association of NSW Inc and each Pony Club. The Club adheres to these rules which are intended to ensure a high level of safety and fairness for members but also for the Committee and other volunteers. 

The full set of rules and regulations can be found in the PCA NSW Inc Handbook, on the PCA NSW website.  Any rules set down by La Perouse Pony Club can be provided by the Club Secretary.



Local guidelines

Yards are available for visiting horses on a first come, first served basis and horses must  be unsaddled or they may roll and break the saddle. At all times the gates to the arena should be closed to prevent horses leaving.  Horses tied to fences must be supervised at all times.

As a safety precaution, riding other than at a walk, is not permitted around the yard area, nor is riding in the corridor between the yards. Riders must dismount and lead their horses before entering the yards corridor or any of the yards facing outwards. Horse-free areas are provided for car parking and for lunchtime activities and a car-free area is maintained for horses to be led or ridden between the yards and the grounds. To prevent damage or injury, no horses ridden or led are allowed between or near parked vehicles. These horse-and car-free zones must be respected as they are provided for general safety.

Water troughs are available at both ends of the yards. Yards must be cleaned at the end of the day. A manure rake and wheelbarrow are available on the grounds.