Monthly Committee Meeting

On the third Tuesday of each month, the Club has a Committee meeting, generally held at Matraville RSL, commencing at 6.30pm. Club activities are discussed and planned at Committee meetings. All senior and associate financial members are encouraged  to attend.


Issues and Suggestions


Like all voluntary clubs, LPPC is dependent on goodwill, respect and member involvement.

We usually have a shortage of Instructors so any parent with riding experience or who has already qualified as Pony Club Instructors or are otherwise willing to undertake the Instructor’s training course is more than welcome to assist the club.

Without people willing to give up their time and work as Instructors, we would have no Pony Club. 

All Club members are welcome and encouraged to attend the general meetings. Any issues, problems or suggestions should be discussed at these meetings. Please attend the meetings and bring any points of interest to the attention of the committee so matters can be discussed and action taken.  

Parents are requested to communicate any problems or concerns to the President, Vice President or Secretary only.  Such matters will be dealt with either through Committee meetings or alternatively sensitive matters will be dealt with direct with the individual, giving consideration to privacy.  Under no circumstances is the club comfortable with individuals approaching other members to resolve club issues and certainly no adult should raise an issue with a junior member directly.

Our Committee and instructors are all volunteers and give up their valuable personal time to ensure the smooth running of the club.  Under no circumstances will poor conduct towards the Committee, Instructors or other members be tolerated.  Membership may be cancelled, or refused, for poor conduct, breaches of safety rules or serious breaches of policy, rules or regulations.

We promote an environment of the highest attention to safety, learning and respect for all.