Rally Days

Rally days are held on the first and third Sunday of each month from February to December (school holidays and public holidays may impact on this) commencing at 9.30 (for a 10.00am start) and can finish between 1.00pm to 3.00pm at the Bunnerong Equestrian Grounds.

Details of upcoming events and rally days can be obtained from the Committee.

In the morning basic riding skills are taught and in the afternoon sporting, jumping, cross-country and other equestrian activities are organized.

Where rally days have to be cancelled due to bad weather, members will be notified through a wet weather text message.  Non-riding activities are sometimes arranged in this case.


Pony club members can work towards certificates that mark their increasing levels of horsemanship and theoretical knowledge. Certificate levels are (from lowest to highest): D, D*, C, C*, K, B, and A. Junior riders are usually grouped and compete at their individual certificate levels when competing in pony club events.

The requirements for each certificate are set out in the “Syllabus for Instruction” booklet which can be obtained through the Club Secretary. Details are also shown on members grading cards. The higher grades also require written examinations and keeping logbooks as set out in the syllabus. 


The club requires that all members wear the LPPC uniform. If attending another club event the uniform is compulsory. Uniform consists of oatmeal or fawn jodhpurs, long sleeve lemon yellow shirt, brown tie and a knitted brown wool or wool blend V-neck jumper. Optional in warmer weather is the LPPC polo shirt. The polo shirt may be worn on Rally Days but not in official competition, except in the cross-country phase of an One Day Event (ODE)  and some mounted games events. The shirt is required to be worn tucked in.

The uniform must include an Australian Standards Association approved helmet to standard AS3838 with a properly adjusted chinstrap. These helmets are usually white and are available from saddlery stores.

Elastic sided boots with a non-slip sole must be worn. No sneakers or gum boots. Long boots may only be worn by members 17 years and over. Chappettes are permitted to be worn at Rally Days but not in any competition. For safety reasons riders may not take part in Club activities without proper headwear and footwear; they will also not be covered by insurance.  

Saddlecloths, that are absorbent and larger than the saddle, must be worn. Shaped saddlecloths are not allowed. LPPC saddlecloths are available from the Club.  

For general Pony Club activities, the only essential items are an approved riding helmet, proper boots for the rider, suitable clothing, a suitable saddlecloth and a saddle and bridle that are considered by the Pony Club Instructor to be comfortable and safe for the horse and rider.